Game 7 will fix Pittsburgh's problems.

The Penguins lost Game 6 5-3, forcing a Game 7 at MSG. The Penguins had two chances to beat the Rangers and failed both times.

The Penguins beat themselves just as much as the Rangers did to win.

Even without some of their best players, the Penguins can beat the Rangers.

In both games, the Penguins started strong and led 2-0. They haven't outperformed the Rangers, but they've played mistake-free hockey and taken their chances.

The Penguins kept the Rangers away from the crease in both opening periods, allowing Louis Domingue to see shots and smother any second-chance opportunities.

The Penguins' first periods in Games 5 and 6 paved the way to victory. Follow through.

In elimination games, the Penguins have struggled after the first period. 26 of 50 goals in this series were scored in the second period. 

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