50 Cold Foods for Hot Weather Days

After trying Peggy's coleslaw at one of our get-togethers, we all agreed that it was a must-have for future gatherings.

Macaroni Coleslaw

This decadent strawberry pie is a hit with guests and locals alike. The best part is that it's a low-sugar treat you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

Light Strawberry Pie

To better suit my family's preferences, I made a few changes to the traditional teatime cucumber sandwich. When I was pregnant, this sandwich was my go-to choice. Exactly what I needed.

Mint-Cucumber Tomato Sandwiches

Every time I bring this to a potluck, it's the first thing to disappear. It's a light and flavorful dish.

Tropical Layered Chicken Salad

When we're in a hurry and want to feed a crowd, we make a Cobb salad sandwich. Making wraps instead of bread is something I do occasionally.

The Cobb Salad Sub

This colourful salad is perfect for a holiday table. It's delicious as a side or condiment. Refrigerate for three hours to blend flavours.

Antipasto Marinated Vegetables

When it's hot, enjoy a chicken salad. My crunch comes from grapes, pecans, and celery.

Crispy chicken salad

This is the kind of recipe that your children will cherish for the rest of their lives. And there's no need for an oven at all.

Pie With Root Beer Floats

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