Worst Tom Hanks films

Tom Hanks may be the most popular American actor working today, with more than 80 films. With his nice-guy reputation, comedic skills, and iconic flicks, it's a wonder his face isn't on money.

Cloud Atlas, starring Hanks, was one of his many book adaptation flops. Newsweek said it "reduces a moving tour de force to a boring & homiletic house of frenetically shuffled cards."

Cloud Atlas

Sally Field played Hanks' contemporary four years before "Forrest Gump". Hanks offers a good performance, especially in a heartbreaking onstage flop, but the movie is dour & not humorous.


Hanks worked with a droopy-faced mastiff in "Turner & Hooch" to investigate a murder. The New York Times commented.

‘Turner & Hooch’

This addition in Hanks' pantheon of beloved '80s goofballs made under $9 million and wasn't well-received by critics.

"One Red Shoe"

The movie "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" was less successful than the book. A youngster whose father died on Sept. 11 believes his father left him a message.

"Loud and Close"

Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts paired well in "Charlie Wilson's War." Hanks co-wrote and directed "Larry Crowne," about a middle-aged man returning to college.

Crowne, Larry

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