Here are some healthy fast food options

Who knew the people who coined "we have the meats" also provide a light salad? It's a sandwich without the bun, featuring roasted turkey & bacon.

Arby's turkey farmhouse salad

Vegetarian Deluxe Salad

This vegetarian salad counts toward your five-a-day. It's packed with greens, peppers, olives, feta, chickpeas, & other veggies.

Rotisserie Chicken Bowl

Over mashed potatoes and corn, serve a double amount of steaming veggies and green beans. For a healthier option, skip the potatoes.

Burrito Bowl

Eat fajita steak, pinto beans, salsa, & veggies to obtain protein without fat. Instead of rice, guacamole, & cheese, try pico de gallo.

Culver's pot roast sandwich

Not eating meat doesn't mean sticking to salads. Carnivores will enjoy this braised chuck roast sandwich. Skip the pickle and fries to cut salt.

Small Cone

Someone needs ice cream sometimes. When desiring anything sweet, get a soft serve. It's low in fat & sweet enough. Better is a kids cone.

Wake-Up Wrap

Order Dunkin's wake-up wrap with ham, egg, & cheese. It's tasty and low in sodium & saturated fat.

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