Did the Chinese Port City's Sky Turn Crimson Red?

Several videos and images have been circulating on Twitter and other social media sites recently showing a deep red sky in Zhoushan, on China's east coast.

One widely shared video appears to be from the Chinese social media website Weibo and shows a view of the sky from a residential street.

The camera pans across the sky, revealing the blood red hue that intensifies towards the horizon.

Other clips appear to show the same phenomenon, with a dark red sky and a bright source near the horizon. Several videos have tens of thousands of views.

"In the Chinese urban district of Zhoushan, it seems that the apocalypse has begun," tweeted Twitter user Anonymous Operations.

Also, other users pushed unfounded conspiracy theories about secret government activities.

The red sky reports and videos appear to be confirmed by the Global Times.

The red sky appeared over Zhoushan on Saturday, May7, and became one of the top trending topics on Weibo, where posts received over 150 million views.

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