Cloudfare Outage Resulted in Knocking Websites 

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The Cloudflare CDN, a popular choice for many companies, experienced a brief outage earlier today, which resulted in a number of websites being unavailable to the general public.

These included websites such as Discord, Canva, Streamyard, and even Nothing's official website.

Cloudflare swiftly recognized the outage through Twitter and shortly thereafter indicated that it was working on a solution. The issue appears to have been repaired across all affected websites.

Cloudflare is a significant CDN (CDNs). US corporation offers DDoS protection, performance improvement, and cybersecurity services.

The company has millions of customers around the world, including some of the world's largest corporations.

As a result of Cloudflare's size and scope, if the company's network goes down, it affects the entire internet.

When the Cloudflare team provided an update at 7.43 a.m., they stated that "widespread difficulties with our services and/or network" were being investigated.

Described as a "serious P0" event, Cloudflare described the matter as an urgent, top-priority issue.

By 8.20 am, Cloudflare had rolled out a fix and was "monitoring the effects." Some websites and online platforms were taken offline by Cloudflare's network issue.

At 9:13 a.m., the update page for Cloudflare indicated that all services are now active.

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