Boat capsizes near Puerto Rico, killing 13, rescuing dozens

The Coast Guard said the vessel is suspected of taking part in an illegal voyage.

A growing number of migrants are fleeing countries where the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated poverty and violence.

Thirty-one survivors — 11 women and 20 men — were taken to Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla. He said the boat left the Dominican Republic, but only two people survived.

Eight Haitians were rescued and taken to a hospital in Aguadilla, Quiones said.

The Institute of Forensic Sciences received 13 bodies from the sea accident, according to Betsy Rivera.

 It didn't have the deceased's names or nationalities. Autopsies will be performed Friday to collect DNA to identify the deceased.

The institute contacted the Dominican Human Rights Committee, which it usually contacts in these cases, to help locate family members on the neighbouring island.

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