Best Liquor to Drink if You Are on a Diet

Dieting can be a drag. What if you could stay on your diet and still drink alcohol?

Many top-shelf liquors aren't calorie-dense. Simple syrup, fruit juices, and pre-made drink mixes add calories to cocktails.

Portion size and how often you drink alcoholic beverages on top of snacks, meals, and drinks also matter.

Adding flavour masks tequila's strong taste. Margaritas achieve this with a sour mix and salty rim. One or two margaritas could put you over your daily calorie limit...and who wants that? For a low-calorie margarita, add lime juice and salt to tequila.


Bloody Marys calorie-free? Similar flavour can be achieved by adding tomato juice to vodka. Celery, hot sauce, pepper, lemon juice, and lime juice are low-calorie garnishes. You'll save calories by skipping pre-made mixers.


A Jack and Coke can be made with diet coke and whiskey. Delicious! Mixing whiskey with ginger root reduces calories. You'll feel like you're drinking a specialty cocktail...without the calories.


You're in luck if you like gin but not gin and tonics. Due to its sweetness, gin pairs well with rosemary and grapefruit. Gin pairs well with frozen fruit and sparkling water.


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