Dodgers fans surprise Clayton Kershaw after he surpasses Don Sutton in strikeouts

Clayton Kershaw had a historic performance Saturday night, but the Dodgers lost 5-1 to the Detroit Tigers.

Kershaw needed four strikeouts to pass Don Sutton for the franchise record. Kershaw did so by striking out one batter in each of the first four innings.

He struck out Spencer Torkelson to surpass Sutton in Dodgers history.

Fans gave Kershaw a long standing ovation, which he acknowledged by stepping off the mound twice and tipping his cap.

It's unique. “I wasn't expecting it,” Kershaw said. “I know the Dodgers are a historic franchise, so passing guys on that list is huge.

“But I had no idea fans knew or cared that much. So it was unique. It was. It was cool. I tried to ignore it and continue, but they wouldn't let me. It meant a lot.”

Kershaw finished with 2,700 career strikeouts, becoming the 26th pitcher in MLB history to do so.

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