An armed man killed four people in a shooting in DC, police say

Chief Robert Contee of the DC Metropolitan Police Department said the suspect in a shooting that left four people wounded died.

"We believe the suspect responsible for this has died," Contee said, declining to identify him pending notification of kin.

"We believe the suspect committed suicide as MPD officers entered or breached the suspect's apartment."

"Several long guns, multiple, multiple rounds of ammunition, and handguns" were found inside the suspect's apartment, Contee said.

The investigation is ongoing, he said, and police do not have a motive yet.

In addition to the dead suspect, police believe there were no other shooters and no connection between him and the nearby Edmund Burke School, a college prep school in northwest Washington.

According to Contee, the suspect was shooting from north to south using a sniper-type setup with a tripod.

Contee said the suspect appeared to be firing at random rather than in a pattern.

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