A Texas restaurant has nearly 400 illegal shark fins.

They found almost 381 whole shark fins and 29.2 pounds of frozen shark fins in a San Antonio seafood restaurant.

Two Texas Game Wardens discovered the illegal fins on April13, but the case hasn't been filed yet.

The Texas Game Wardens posted on Facebook that they took all the fins as evidence.

Winters says some of the fins came from blacktip sharks, which are common in the Gulf of Mexico. He added that they couldn't identify all the sharks.

Shark finning, or removing shark fins and discarding the rest of the shark, is illegal in the US, and it is also illegal in Texas.

According to Oceana, the Texas ban came after the state "emerged as a hub for shark fins."

Shark fin soup is a popular and expensive dish in restaurants worldwide. According to a 2018 Marine Policy study, some shark populations have declined by up to 90% due to persistent fin hunting.

Winters says this is the first known San Antonio shark fin case.

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