9 Tourism Scams You Should Know About

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1) Broken Taxi Meter

A driver will pull away from the curb, claim their meter is malfunctioning, and then demand a payment that is significantly higher than the average fare.

2) Wrong information about closures

Your cab driver tells you a local attraction is closed. This is a typical ploy to increase taxi fee or give your driver bribes.

3) The ''Accidental'' Spill

Cafes are great places to eat, but they're also fantastic for scams. A thief may have "accidentally" spilled to pickpocket you as you clean.

4) The 'Ring' Scam

A "nice" stranger hands you a ring and says, "Is this yours?" Beware. Unlikely. This is likely a pickpocketing scam artist.

5) WiFi security breach

Even in the U.S., insecure Wi-Fi hotspots at restaurants, airports, and hotels can let hackers steal your information.

6) The Signing scam

Someone walks up to you and hands you a clipboard, & they begin reading from it. They may be attempting to rob you by getting you to pause so they may distract you with their wares.

7) The Fake Police

Someone in an official-looking clothing asks to view your passport or asks you questions. But, never show someone your passport.

8) Bracelet Scam

Someone grabs your wrist while you're walking and braids a bracelet. If you don't pay them when they're done, they may get aggressive.

9) Have a Drink Scam

Friendly locals have offered tourists drastically discounted food and drinks after directing them to a restaurant or store. Unscrupulous people may use this to swindle tourists.

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