9 Things that can get your luggage flagged!

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1) Bringing too much liquid

The TSA limits liquids, gels, and pastes (including toothpaste) to one 3.4-ounce container each. If you're carrying on luggage, consumables must also conform.

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2) Liquid medications

You can bring over-3.4-ounce liquid medication. You must advise the TSA officer about these substances before your search since they may require further screening.

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3) Wrapped Gifts

You spent hours wrapping gifts, only to have TSA employees rip them open at security. They advise putting your items in gift bags or boxes and leaving them at that.

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4) Opaque laptop bags

Some airports and TSA officials don't force travelers to put laptops and other large electronic gadgets in their own containers, but this is not always the case.

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5) High amount of cash

If you're traveling to or from the United States, you'll need to fill out a FinCEN Form 105 to report any money worth more than $10,000.

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6) Adult Toys

It is perfectly acceptable to pack it in your carry-on or checked luggage, but if it's in your carry-on, you may be flagged. Remove the battery before to passing through security.

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7) Coffee beans

It is possible, but it will cost you time at TSA. This is because it is occasionally used to hide the odor of prohibited items, such as narcotics.

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8) Pocket knives

According to the TSA, this is the most frequently flagged item. The only way you can bring a pocket knife or a Swiss army knife on the plane is in your checked luggage.

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9) Snow globes

Because of their resemblance to explosives, snow globes are permitted, but they are routinely flagged. 3.4 ounces or 100 mL of water must appear to be in the snow globe.

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