9 Sneaky Hotel Fees You Need to Know!

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If your hotel provides extra amenities, they may charge a "resort fee." If a hotel charges them, you can learn to detect them while booking.

1) Resort Fees

Some hotels charge a fee to access their Wi-Fi network because they expect a large volume of users. Instead, you can set up a wireless hotspot on your phone or tablet.

2) Wi-Fi Fees

Most hotel customers know that anything in a minibar or snack bar has a cost, but sometimes free products like water or snacks have a cost.

3) Minibar

Even while many hotels provide free parking, don't bank on it, especially if your hotel is located in a limited parking area.

4) Parking

You may have to pay for the use of the gym at some hotels even if you don't intend to use it. This cost can be waived if you don't intend to utilize the gym.

5) Gym Fees

A cost for early check-in may be charged by some hotels, even if you call ahead and arrive hours before the official check-in time.

6) Early Check-In Fees

A guest fee of $20 to $50 per person per night may be imposed if you book a hotel room for two but show up with three or four persons.

7) Additional Guest Fees

If you book online, some hotels and third-party booking sites will charge you an additional $25 per night for each room.

8) Online Booking Fees

If the hotel you're staying at has a safe, make sure you don't be charged for it unless you use it by asking at the front desk.

9) Safe Fee

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