9 Great Ways to Improve Your Life

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Don't be afraid. Make a request. Begin with trustworthy friends and mentors. Tell them you value their candor. 

1) Ask for feedback

Life is about learning and growing. We aren't born knowing the answers, so why not give ourselves the opportunity to learn?

2) Work on yourself

Give up your excuses and stories; they are crippling. They cast us in the role of victims, convincing us that we are hopeless and helpless.

3) Give up your excuses

When you can let go and quickly transition to the new you and the new direction, your life will improve significantly.

4) Embrace change

Change is the only way to better your life. You can't go through a major shift in your life without a fight.

5) Embrace the struggle

Take a leap of faith. With practice, you'll discover the positive lessons hidden in the negative and embrace your dark side.

6) Don’t fear the shadows

It doesn't have to be through pole vaulting leaps, turtle crawls will suffice. Be clear about your goals, believe you can achieve them, and take bold steps toward them.

7) Follow your dreams

Why? Because most of us have a complicated relationship with money. In the end, it's time to face the facts. Money is important.

8) Focus on money too

We are all born with innate confidence; it is not a trait reserved for a select few. Once we become aware of what others do and what failure is, we lose all motivation.

9) Improve your confidence

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