9 Best Dogs for WFH People!

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1) Shih Tzu

These lapdogs are content to spend their days enjoying their owners and being loved. They can accept short to medium alone time and adapt well to most living settings.

2) Doberman Pinscher

The faithful Doberman is easy to teach and won't bark unless a stranger arrives to the door, making it a good companion for video conversations.

3) Havanese

If you want a 5-star love dog, this could be it. They adapt well to human-populated environments.

4) French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are happy to live and work wherever their owners are. Smart, playful, and low-exercise.

5) Bulldog

The Bulldog is a peaceful, friendly dog that enjoys being around people. However, they can also be left alone for short periods of time without becoming agitated.

6) Cocker Spaniel

Once you've taught your dog to respond to your commands, you'll be surprised at how well he or she adapts to working from home.

7) Boston Terrier

This breed is easy to teach and can be left alone for meetings. Remote workers should definitely consider these dog breeds.

8) Poodle

Your Poodle will be easy to train to sit quietly because of their agility, grace, and dedication to pleasing others.

9) Pug

This charming species is full of mischief and comedic relief when you need a break from your computer or television. They live to love and be loved.

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