8 Secrets Food Chains Don't Want You to Know!

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As the current issue over a fast-food chain's tuna shows, if a corporation isn't clear about its components, it might be difficult to identify them.

1) Some foods have questionable ingredients

Some restaurant franchises may claim that their cuisine is prepared "fresh" on site, although this isn't necessarily the truth.

2) Many dishes ship frozen

Many guests may be surprised to hear that chain restaurant kitchens frequently use microwaving as a method of cooking frozen foods.

3) Some foods are simply microwaved

Some chicken (or other protein) with "grill markings" may really be supplied with the grill marks already on it, and then microwaved to retain the grill marks.

4) Grill marks can be fake

It's possible some eateries aren't lying outright, but they may be lying through omissions. Like, the oriental chicken salad on the menu has about 1500 calories.

5) Some foods are marketed as 'good'

Vegetarian? Your fries and chicken fingers may share a fryer. Vegan? Using the same technique as dairy milk, froth oat milk.

6) Vegan items may be fried in animal oil

Restaurant soda fountains are "perhaps the dirtiest machines" since "many don't clean the hoses, pipes, and ice compartments."

7) Soda machines have tones of bacteria

It's usual (and easy!) for restaurant workers to buy something cheap from the grocery store, slice it up, and sell it at a premium price.

8) Some items are modified & get sold

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