8 Divorce Mistakes that Can Cost You High!

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1) Not seeking legal advice

Even if you and your ex are amicable, house ownership and custody can be tricky. Without a lawyer, you risk losing assets or having unreliable child care.

2) Taking on Social Media

Social media sharing must be monitored. It might be divorce proof. Even harmless posts might make you look dishonest or reckless.

3) Neglecting individual finances

Divorce affects more than daily life. Divorce might cause you to lose health insurance, pay more for child care, and disrupt your retirement plan.

4) Not dividing marital debts

Dealing with debt and divorce can feel overwhelming, but your and your ex-debt spouse's obligations do not disappear upon divorce.

5) Focusing on short-term wins

If assets are divided without consideration of their future value, money may be left on the table. It could potentially expose you to future tax implications.

6) Hiding assets

The possibility of losing money after a divorce is unsettling, but hiding your assets is not a wise idea. In reality, concealing assets is unlawful and can result in perjury charges.

7) Assuming outcome to be favorable

Your divorce isn't official until everything is. The final result includes spousal and child support figures.

8) Not keeping records

If you don't keep critical documents and take notes during the divorce, you may have trouble recalling key information.

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