8 discontinued fast-food sides

Quiz! McDonald's best-seller? Not the Big Mac, McNuggets, or QPW. Fries, duh. McD's fries have been a hit for generations, and that's not likely to change. Reader's Digest ranks Big Mac #2. Burger King's Whopper is king, but fries are #2.

Want a delicious breakfast without the fat and calories? You loved Burger King's Cini-Minis. These pastry rolls with icing dip are gone. Four pieces had 410 calories, 14 grammes of fat, and 6 grammes of saturated fat, according to Brand Eating.

1. Burger King Cini-Minis

McDonald's McShakers salads were a mini-meal or lighter alternative to fries with a Big Mac or Chicken Sandwich in the early 2000s. In 2003, "Premium Salads" replaced them. Also dropped and never replaced.

2. McDonalds McSalad Shakers

Cinnamon Crisps were delicious, but they didn't match the rest of the meal. Cinnamon Crisps were sweet, spiced, and crunchy, like a cookie. They didn't work with a burrito or gordita. Tacos.

3. Taco Bell Cinnamon Crisps

Potato Wedges were steak fries, and KFC is a chicken chain. FOX Business reports that the chain replaced their potato wedges with "Secret Recipe Fries," so they didn't leave customers high and dry.

4. KFC Potato Wedges

Technically, rice isn't fast food. Proper cooking takes time. Popeyes' Cajun Rice's consistency was even more impressive. Thrillist says it's gone.

5. Popeyes Cajun Rice

According to BuzzFeed, McD's Onion Nuggets disappeared in the 1970s, so your chance to try them is long gone. With a name like "Onion Nuggets," it's not surprising they failed.

6. McDonald's Onion Nuggets

Sonic's Pickle-Os could have survived with better naming and marketing. Onion Nuggets! According to Hack the Menu, you can still request deep-fried pickles at some Sonic locations if employees are willing to make them from scratch.

7. Sonic Drive-In's Pickle-Os

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