8 Best & Healthy Sources of Carbs 

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Sweet potatoes are a healthy carb that can boost your diet. A medium sweet potato offers 103 calories and 4 grams of fiber per serving.

1) Sweet potatoes

Oats are healthy because of their fiber content. Oatmeal's soluble and insoluble fibers improve digestion, and it's anti-diabetic and cholesterol-lowering.

2) Oatmeal

As an alternative to rice, many people prefer quinoa, which has a significant amount of fiber. Carbohydrates like quinoa, which can be consumed in moderation, are good for you.

3) Quinoa

Fruit's inherent sweetness can help control sugar cravings and help you get your daily carbohydrates. Apples contain prebiotic soluble fibers.

 4) Apples

Many individuals are hesitant to eat bread, yet a whole grain or whole wheat bread has a wealth of beneficial nutrients that should not be feared.

5) Whole grain bread

Beans and legumes are a healthy carbohydrate source. Beans, lentils, and chickpeas are starchy but high in protein and fiber.

6) Legumes

This excellent way of receiving the essential nutrients your body requires on a regular basis is to include berries in every meal.

7) Berries

In addition to providing a wealth of vitamins A and K, vegetables are also a good source of potassium. If you're attempting to shed some pounds, this is excellent news.

8) Vegetables

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