7 Successful Belly Fat Loss Eating Habits

Never easy, losing weight. Diet and exercise changes can require sacrifices. The belly is difficult to lose weight from.

Monday Gray lost 100 pounds

"PLAN! Prepare. Since the beginning of my journey, I plan my dinners and grocery list every Sunday. I pre-track meals to know how many points I have before dinner.

Laura Guzman lost 130lbs.

"Eliminate fast food, fried food, and alcohol. Nutrition matters. We can't outwork a bad meal."

Connie Chan lost 100lbs.

"Replace processed carbs/high-sugar foods with protein-rich whole foods. If I wanted cake (high calorie, sugar, fat), I'd make a homemade protein pancake.

4. Jasmine May, 53 lb

"Consistent calorie deficits help me lose belly fat. You don't even have to exercise. Calorie deficits reduce belly fat.

Jennifer Douglas, 137 lb loss

"First, don't be afraid of fruit. My brain programmed me to avoid fruit because of the sugar and carbs.

Chloe Campos lost 100lbs.

"Veggies! In my case, I started with the vegetables. Having more nutrient-dense foods (such as veggies or mixed green salads) helped me feel more satisfied.

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