6 Ways You Scare Men Off in Love

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Despite only dating for a few weeks, you've already told your friends and family (including HIS) about your relationship status.

1) You tell everyone about relationship

Getting pushed into a relationship he's not ready for or sure about is something no man (even the lovely ones) enjoys.

Early on, some men don't communicate about their sentiments. They open slowly. If you can't 'read' him yet, that's OK.

2) You keep asking him how he feels

With time and experience, you'll know what he's feeling, and he'll communicate his feelings honestly when he doesn't feel forced.

You keep questioning where, what, and who he is. No man wants to date (or have sex with) a dominating woman.

3) You act jealous

You may think it shows you care, but he sees a red flag. Constantly questioning him removes his control.

You crave daily praise, attention, and flattery. You follow him around and buy him gifts. 

4) You're needy & demanding

Relax and see if you're attracted enough to each other in the early stages of a relationship to go to the next step.

Your new man's friends, work, and interests will be affected if you try to discourage him from doing these things.

5) You think you're all he needs

At first, your man may not notice this subtle action. But rest assured, his pals will. As soon as they spot it, they'll be rabidly pursuing you.

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