6 Mistakes You Are Doing At Walmart!

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On the surface, Walmart+ appears to be a bargain, but only if you use it frequently.

1) Paying for Walmart+

For the $98 yearly membership, think about how often you purchase and whether the benefits are worth the money.

It's tempting to believe you're getting the lowest price at Walmart and skip comparison searching. This is expensive.

2) Assuming they have lowest prices

Use Google Shopping or Yahoo Shopping to compare prices on the internet, then decide if Walmart is the best option.

Name-brand products are plentiful at Walmart, but the price difference between them and store-brand products can be substantial.

3) Skipping Store Brands

From Great Value food to Equate personal care, Walmart boasts a slew of store brands, many of which have outrageously low costs for the same quality.

Get the Walmart app. Thanks to the app's map, you can quickly shop your list because you'll know where to find each item.

4) Not using their app

The software can help you shop more efficiently and save money on goods you've been putting off.

There are many goods that can be delivered to your door, but if you don't take advantage of pickup discounts, you're wasting your money.

5) Not taking pickup discount advantage

It's always a good idea to see if an item offers a pickup discount when you're purchasing online.

Even though Walmart is well-known for its inexpensive prices, you may save even more money by using coupons that are available. 

6) Forgetting additional savings

Try to get an additional discount on a bargain site before finalizing your purchase. CouponCabin.com, for example, gives up to 2% cashback on Walmart purchases.

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