5 Wrong Times to Drink Coffee

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1) Afternoon Coffee

Specifically, after 12 p.m. Although it may seem like the middle of the morning, drinking coffee after 12 p.m. can drastically disrupt your sleep schedule. 

If you're a fan of the 3 p.m. cup of joe, you may want to consider switching your morning coffee for cold brew.

2) After having 2 cups

Coffee is not an exception to the dictum "all things in moderation." However, you may consume a large amount without going overboard

After the third or fourth cup, the beverage might become dehydrating. And drinking more than four cups of coffee every day is one of the Coffee Habits That Shorten Your Life.

3) When you haven't eaten anything

Due to the acidity of the beverage, drinking it on an empty stomach can induce pain & problematic for individuals with heartburn, reflux, digestive difficulties.

Those who crave coffee first thing in the morning may find cold brew less bitter and acidic than traditional coffee.

4) When your cholesterol is high

If you have high cholesterol, you do not need to exclude coffee from your diet. However, you may wish to rethink how you consume it.

It has been demonstrated that most filtered coffee has a neutral effect on lipid levels, however unfiltered or French-pressed coffee can increase LDL "bad" cholesterol.

5) On daily basis

Coffee drinkers are well aware of the dangers of developing a dependence on the beverage to the point of addiction. It's fine to take a break from your daily intake.

Replace your daily cup of coffee with a cup of matcha or green tea whenever you can.

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