5 Best Habits for Losing Belly Fat and Keeping It Off

Losing weight is only half the battle when it comes to your weight loss goals. The other half of the equation is long-term weight loss, which can be a frustrating process for many

So, what are the essential steps to not only losing weight in a healthy way, but also keeping it off in the long run?

This may seem obvious, but it's important to remember that weight loss and management require a balance of calories consumed and calories burned.

1. Reduce your intake of calorie-dense foods and sugary drinks.

Getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet is important for many aspects of your health.

2. Increase your fruit and vegetable consumption.

According to Harvard Health, research shows that your mindset influences some of the most effective weight loss and management strategies.

3. Reflect on yourself and your goals.

Many of us feel shame or guilt when it comes to losing weight or dieting, especially if it is a strict diet or eating plan with strict restrictions.

4. Take pride in yourself.

According to Harvard Health experts, the concept of becoming comfortable with discomfort can aid in weight loss.

5. Get used to being uncomfortable.

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