5 Ways to Lose Weight Fast at Any Age

To lose weight quickly, watch what you eat and drink. Toxic diet culture shows how to do it unhealthy. You can manage your diet and lose weight without rapid weight loss.

The Nutrition Twins say protein slows digestion and prevents peaks and crashes that lead to hunger and sugar cravings. "Most people eat carb-heavy breakfasts that cause energy crashes a few hours later, so they eat more calories for energy."

1. Eat 20g of protein for breakfast.

Fiber aids weight loss. It's full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, which fill you up with few calories and stabilise blood sugar.

2. Make every meal high-fiber.

Late-night snacking slows fat burning, increases weight, and disrupts sleep.
The Nutrition Twins say people lose weight quickly by cutting calories before bed.

3. Replace nighttime snacks with anti-inflammatory drinks.

The Nutrition Twins say eating salad or vegetable soup before a meal reduces caloric intake. It satisfies hunger with fewer calories, water, and fibre.

4. Eat vegetables first.

Magnesium relaxes the body, which lowers inflammation-fighting cortisol. Cortisol makes weight loss difficult and causes belly fat.

5. Eat magnesium-rich foods daily.

"Cortisol levels rise and stay high with a stressful lifestyle, so relaxing the body with regular magnesium consumption is helpful," say The Nutrition Twins.

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