4 Drinking Habits, Raising Your Blood Sugar

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Fruit juice, especially on an empty stomach, can raise blood sugar levels. It's worst when eaten with another carbohydrate or without protein. 

1) Sipping fresh-pressed juice

Because fresh-pressed juice is simply juice extracted from the fruit, it lacks fiber, which helps to slow digestion.

 Even a single teaspoon of sugar in your coffee is manageable. However, many "fancy" coffee beverages are sugar-laden.

2) Drinking Mocha Latte regularly

From whips, powders, syrups, and drizzles, sugar calories can quickly accumulate, contributing to a blood sugar surge.

Numerous store-bought and smoothie-shop-purchased smoothies have additional sugar. If the smoothie is poor in protein, it could cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.

3) Consuming Smoothies

Smoothies can be a terrific, nutrient-dense method to hydrate, serve as a meal replacement, or even help you refuel after a workout, but they should ideally be homemade.

Cocktails, mojitos, and frozen drinks may sound refreshing at the beach, pool, or patio, but beware of their sugar content. 

4) Drinking Frozen Fruit Cocktails

Many mixed drinks contain additional sugars, mixes, honey, agave nectar, etc. These additions can "blood sugar rollercoaster" your cocktail.

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