30 Cooking Secrets They Only Teach You in Culinary School

You can Google how to make a pretty souffle and beef bourguignon, but grilling the perfect steak and making fluffy eggs require culinary school. We snuck into our favourite chefs' restaurants to get their pro tips and kitchen hacks for making tasty dishes. They do have cooking cred.

Chef and food blogger Gaby Dalkin says salt makes the perfect steak. Sprinkle both sides of the steak with MortonĀ® Coarse Kosher Salt two to three hours before grilling.

1. Grill a perfect steak

At the end of the cooking process, Dalkin recommends seasoning your scrambled eggs with kosher salt so that they remain moist and fluffiness.

2. Make the fluffiest scrambled eggs

Green Chef's Dana Murrell knows her garlic. Murrell recommends placing cloves in a bowl, then covering it with another bowl to create a dome shape. Briefly shake the bowls. Cloves should be free of their papery shells when uncovered.

3. Easily peel garlic

Murrell, a former restaurant chef, says a wet paper towel under your cutting board will keep it from slipping.

4. Stabilize your cutting board

Instead of plucking thyme or cilantro, Murrell recommends pulling the stem in the opposite direction. Useful leaves fall off.

5. Quickly de-stem herbs

Melissa Knific, a former HelloFresh recipe developer, loves the rasp grater. Knific says you can grate lemon, garlic, shallots, cheese, nutmeg, and even chocolate with a rasp grater.

6. Use a rasp grater

Knific has perfected the bacon recipe. Knific says to skip the frying pan and bake bacon on a metal-rack-lined baking sheet. 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees. The sheet pan method allows fat to drip and heat to reach all slices, creating crispiness.

7. Baked bacon is crispy

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