25 summer slow-cooker recipes for every occasion

Summer cooking usually involves grills and barbecues. Do you want to stand over a furnace on a hot day? Even the oven is overwhelming. Slow cookers are better. You can cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert without breaking a sweat.

“Ribs. Lunch was ribs. I'm doing this because...” Eat baby back ribs this summer like Ron Burgundy. With All Recipes' six-ingredient, 10-minute recipe, ribs aren't just for special occasions. You can enjoy them all season long with a slow cooker.

Baby Back Ribs

You can make cake in a crockpot? The Food Network has a summery recipe for banana upside-down cake. Chill? Top with ice cream.

Banana Cake

Start summer cooking with crockpot chicken sandwiches. Like the ribs recipe earlier in this slideshow, this meal only requires six ingredients, including Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce. Natasha's Kitchen concurs.

BBQ Chicken Sliders

Nachos are a great meal-snack hybrid. In this recipe from My Recipes, cool avocado chunks balance out the heat.

Beef Nachos

Why not combine brews and brats into one tasty recipe? Family Fresh Meals offers a recipe for "The Best Crockpot Beer Brats." This dish takes eight hours to cook, so save some beer to drink while waiting.

Beer Brats

"Every occasion" means dessert. Since it's blueberry season, try Crystal & Co.'s blueberry cobbler. Ice cream is encouraged but not required.

Blueberry Cobbler

Slow cookers and salads don't mix, so make a chicken caesar sandwich instead. Dislike submarine rolls? As a wrap, open-faced sandwich, or dip. Start with Delish's recipe.

Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

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