25 Different Types of Berries (and its Scientific name)

Taste: sweet, juicy, slightly acidic

Scientific name: Fragaria x ananassa

1. Strawberry

Taste: sweet, floral, sometimes sour

Scientific name: Cyanococcus

2. Blueberry

Taste: tart-sweet

Scientific name: Rubus idaeus

3. Raspberry

Taste: tart-sweet, sometimes sour

Scientific name: Rubus

4. Blackberry

Taste: tart, bitter

Scientific name: Vaccinium subgenus Oxycoccus

5. Cranberry

Taste: sweet, tangy, floral

Scientific name: Rubus ursinus x Rubus idaeus

6. Boysenberry

Taste: sour, slightly sweet

Scientific name: Vaccinium vitis-idaea

7. Lingonberry

Taste: tart-sweet, earthy, bright

Scientific name: Sambucus

8. Elderberry

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