24 hot breakfast ideas that are super easy to make

Breakfast can and should be the most energising and warming meal of the day. These breakfast recipes include eggs and pancakes.

Warm up and get going

These baked eggs are a twist on the traditional tomato shakshuka. This one-pan dish is perfect for a healthy breakfast or brunch at home. Add toast for a heartier meal.

Asparagus-green-egg bake

These fritter-pancakes make a quick, savoury base for salmon and poached eggs. You can swap the salmon for bacon or avocado if you want.

Fritters with lox and eggs

French toast-style crumpets will get you out of bed on dreary mornings. Carbonara's flavours of bacon, Parmesan, and black pepper pair well with eggy crumpets. It's a delicious breakfast.

French toast crumpets

A masala omelette sandwich is a delicious way to start the day. White bread, salted butter, and ketchup are required. If you're cooking for one, make two omelettes: one to eat now and one to make into a sandwich tomorrow.


We think crêpes Suzette are a timeless classic. The delicate crêpes and boozy citrus sauce pair perfectly. Using store-bought crêpes cuts cooking time to 15 minutes.

Crêpes Suzette

Vegans can start the day with a filling burrito. This tofu-based dish is served with fried plantains, onions, and peppers and a tomato salsa. You could use this recipe as a base and add sweetcorn, black beans, diced green peppers, and arugula.

Burrito vegan

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