21 Greek recipes to delight every palate

Our Greek recipes will take you to the Mediterranean. We'll bring the sunshine into your kitchen, whether you want moussaka, Greek salad, or chicken. Both savoury and sweet recipes are included.

Greece's flavours

Watermelon and feta make a picture-perfect summer salad. Olives, cucumber, and fresh mint add a savoury note to the sweet fruit. With sourdough croutons. Grilling the feta before adding it to the salad softens it slightly and enhances its flavour.

Watermelon-feta-bread salad

Fresh beetroot is roasted in foil with thyme, olive oil, and garlic in this flavorful salad. Golden or purple beets work. Orange slices counteract the beets' earthiness, and fennel and baby gem lettuce add crunch. The dressing is orange juice, honey, lemon, olive oil, and cardamom.

Beet, orange, fennel salad

Stifado is a red wine-tomato-onion beef stew. The meat must marinate overnight in wine, cinnamon, garlic, bay, and orange. Baby (or pickling) onions are hard to peel, but boiling them helps. This dish goes well with orzo, a rice-shaped pasta.

Beef stifado

Spinach, feta, and ricotta are wrapped in buttery filo pastry for this vegetarian pie. Swiss chard replaces spinach. Garlicky, with dried mint that's stronger than fresh. To prevent filo pastry from drying out, work with it under a damp dish towel. Serve with a green salad for a complete meal.

Spanakopita with chard and leeks

Griddled chunks of spiced, marinated chicken served with tzatziki, tomato salsa, and lettuce are a winner. Skinless thighs marinate in yoghurt, garlic, oregano, chilli, and lemon zest for 15 minutes. Zest lemons and squeeze juice over gyros.

Spicy chicken gyros

In the Mediterranean and Levant, stuffed eggplants are popular. Papoutsakia are similar to moussaka in Greece. Lamb, spices, tomatoes, and roasted eggplant flesh are mixed and put back in eggplant skins with b├ęchamel sauce.


Deep-fried lamb meatballs called keftedes on Crete. Both cuisines are similar to Turkish kofte. Bulgur wheat bulks up herbs, chilli, and spices. The flavorful parsley salad is finely chopped like salsa. Hot or cold, serve kofte.

Parsley-flavored lamb kofte

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