2 dead, 3 wounded in California 7-Eleven shootings, police say

Shootings have taken place at four 7-Eleven stores in Southern California, killing two and wounding three.

Two people were killed and three injured before dawn Monday at four 7-Eleven stores in Southern California. Authorities are searching for a lone gunman in at least three of the shootings.

The shootings occurred after robberies or attempted robberies at four convenience stores on July 11, or 7/11 — a day when 7-Eleven is celebrating its 95th birthday by giving out free Slurpees.

Investigators weren't sure what sparked the July 11 shootings in Riverside, Santa Ana, Brea, and La Habra.

Officer Ryan Railsback, a Riverside police department spokesperson, said only the suspect could answer that question. "7-Eleven, July 11 is no coincidence."

While the Riverside shooting left the victim in critical condition, Railsback said, "they all seem very similar."

Criminals know that convenience store robberies rarely yield large amounts of money, especially overnight, said Railsback.

“You won't get much cash from a liquor store, 7-Eleven, or fast food place,” he said. "It's strange they did this."

In Riverside, the gunman robbed the clerk, brandished a gun, and shot a customer, Railsback said. Police believe the clerk stole register cash.

“There doesn't appear to be a motive,” Railsback said. "The clerk gave him what he wanted,"
The second shooting happened 24 miles away in Santa Ana at 3:20 a.m.

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