15 crowd-pleasing appetisers

If you’re throwing a party and don’t want to just set out a boring cheese plate, you don’t need to be a chef to make these recipes everyone will love.

You could buy a box of frozen mini corn dogs for a couple of dollars, but making your own is easy and tastes much better. Simply heat vegetable oil in a pot, mix a simple breading batter, and fry the sausages.

Mini homemade corndogs

Mix, spread, roll, cut — simple, delicious pinwheels. If you want thicker breading, substitute the tortilla with bread dough or canned biscuit dough like Pillsbury.

Pinwheels pesto

The bruschetta is versatile. Strawberry, peach salsa, figs, and goat cheese update the Italian classic. Tomato and basil bruschetta can't be beat. Don't be overwhelmed by the dish's appearance. Made easily.

Tomato-basil Bruschetta

Bacon? Cheese? Crispy peppers? Here's a recipe. Stuff the peppers with the cheese mixture and grill them, cheese side up, for 10 minutes. Grilled jalapeos are a healthier and tastier alternative to frying.

Stuffed Jalapeos

This finger food is like a grown-up ants-on-a-log. The celery is stuffed with cream cheese and vegetable mix and topped with walnuts and bacon. It's an easy snack.


If you want impossible-to-resist desserts, look no further. Oreo balls are a wedding and graduation party favourite. The Oreo and cream cheese mixture must chill for an hour after being rolled into balls. This recipe takes time.


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