10 Worst Ingredients in Your Fast Foods

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1) Natural Beef Flavor

McDonald's World Famous Fries are made with natural beef flavor that includes hydrolyzed wheat and milk.

2) Potassium Bromate

This additive, called bromate, improves flour's texture and rise. Potassium bromate was banned in Canada, the UK, and the EU after animal studies linked it to cancer.

3) Propylene Glycol

It's used in soft drinks, marinades, dressings, seasonings, baked goods, and frostings. While documented toxicity is rare, consuming too much can be harmful.


Fast-food fried meals and snacks may contain TBHQ to prevent oil and fat spoilage. FDA-approved ingredient may cause health problems.

5) Calcium Sulfate

In the U.S., safe intake limits limit how much can be used in food. In certain medical conditions, excessive calcium consumption, especially in supplement form, is a concern.

6) Phosphate Additives

Soda, flavored waters, packaged meat, processed cheese, and  nuggets may contain it. It's bad for people with kidney disease or other conditions that limit phosphorus intake.

7) BHT

Lab-created butylated hydroxytoluene preserves food freshness. The amounts used in food are generally safe, but animal studies linked high doses to cancer.

8) Propyl gallate

Propyl gallate is a preservative used in corn, meat, and mayonnaise to delay food spoilage and extend oil shelf life. This additive may affect cancer cell.

9) Phthalates

Chemicals used in processing materials can seep into food packaging. Take-home boxes, plastic containers, and food prep gloves contain endocrine disruptors.

10) Fluorine

PFASs are fluorine-based chemicals in fast-food packaging linked to cancer, fertility issues, low birth weight, and a weakened immune system.

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