10-minute lunches that burn belly fat

Thinking ahead is key to making a quick, healthy lunch that's not takeout. If you keep a rotisserie chicken, cheeses, eggs, and low-sodium lunch meats in the fridge, you have endless meal options.

Skip the greasy, processed McGriddle. Make a quick sammy with a sunny-side-up egg, natural bacon, and cheese. Leave off the sandwich's top to cut carbs and avoid feeling overstuffed.

1. Ham and cheese with chipotle mayo

Warming meal with quick-cooking rice. This easy meal cooks in a bowl in the microwave. Rotisserie chicken adds protein.

2. Cheese and broccoli rice mug

Skewering fresh veggies, low-sodium cold cuts, and cheese cubes seems more fun than a salad or sandwich. Enjoy these with low-fat dressing.

3. Lunch Kebabs

Here, we replace the noodles in a classic Italian pasta dish with dumplings and add asparagus.

4. Pea-and-Prosciutto Gnocchi

This can be a pre-dinner appetiser or a light meal on its own. Double the recipe and freeze some for the week. Enjoy!

5. Asparagus, Egg, and Prosciutto Salad

Nutritionists and health-conscious eaters often scorn hot dogs, but don't dismiss them so quickly. Yes, most cart-bought ones have questionable insides, but there's another way! Hot dogs are perfectly portioned, protein-packed vessels for healthy, boldly flavoured toppings.

6. Mexican Hot Dogs

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