10 Green Onion Hacks Everyone Should Try

Green onions, scallions, and spring onions are incredibly versatile. Young onions harvested before or early in the bulb stage are called green onions.

Not so with green onions. Allrecipes recommends green onions, water, and a jar. So easy! Separate the scallion bulb and root from the onion. Put the root end in a jar so that only the roots are submerged. Change the water weekly and watch onion roots grow.

Green onion growing

Spring onions are delicious in recipes and make an attractive edible garnish. Green onion curls are easiest. Something New for Dinner recommends cutting scallion greens into 4-inch strips and soaking them in ice water for an hour. 

Garnish with curls and brushes

Takeout scallion pancakes are popular. Homemade ones require time and patience to get the right texture and let the dough rest. If you don't want to fuss, you can make this green onion recipe quickly.

Scallion pancake hack

Acadian food is French-Canadian. Its culinary history, style, and flavour are unique. Survival challenges led to unique Acadian recipes. According to Acadian.org, these recipes were often taken from French tradition and made with French agricultural produce.

Acadian Green Onions

First, boil vinegar, water, sugar, and salt to make a simple brine. Then, add green onions, garlic, and dill to a jar. Pour the brine over the onion jar, close the lid, and refrigerate it for a few days.

Quick-pickle scallions

Cut green onions into 2-inch slices. First, heat your dry wok. Add oil, ginger, and onions.

Green onions season wok

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