10 Beauty Hacks You can add into your routine

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1) Use Micellar Water for quick cleaning

Use micellar water on a cotton pad to remove makeup and dirt after you've had a long night out or don't have time for a full skincare routine.

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2) Put skincare products in refrigeraor

Keep your moisturizers and serums in the fridge instead of the bathroom, and you'll have a little more luxury in your daily skincare routine.

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3) Apply foundation with hands

When using a cream-based foundation, applying it with the tips of your fingers ensures a natural-looking finish.

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4) Buy multipurpose products

Reduce your regimen by using products with dual functions, such as tinted moisturizer and color sticks that may serve as both lip color and cheek stain.

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5) Use DIY sugar scrub

Sugar scrubs are an effective technique to exfoliate the skin, and they are expensive. Mix honey, olive oil, and regular cane sugar until a thick consistency is achieved.

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6) Never skip Sunscreen

The ultimate beauty hack is painfully straightforward: always use sunscreen. Additionally, it lessens the chance of fatal skin malignancies such as melanoma.

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7) Cut open containers of makeup products

This foundation may appear to be empty, but you may likely get one more application by snipping off the top of the container using scissors.

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8) Use warm water to make mascara working again

Near the end of a mascara tube? Add a few drops of warm water and shake vigorously to revitalize virtually dried-out mascara.

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9) Always clean your makeup brushes

Use olive oil to loosen the makeup on your beauty brushes, then clean them with Dawn dish soap.

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10) Use dry shampoo before your hair gets greasy

Instead than relying on dry shampoo to save your hair from grease, take preventative measures.

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