10 Ballparks Foods to make at home

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1) Chicken fingers

Our go-to order at sporting events and restaurants alike is a big tray or basket of chicken fingers! If you think it's difficult to replicate this lunch at home, you'd be wrong.

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2) Chili cheese dogs

With chili cheese dogs at home, you can make your own choice of hot dog and toppings without having to worry about ruining the shoes of the person sitting next to you.

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3) Corn dogs

A corn dog is the best choice if you're looking for a less messy alternative to a traditional hot dog.

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4) Cotton candy

In order to manufacture cotton candy at home, you'll need to mutilate a whisk—but if you can do this, you won't need a machine.

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5) Fried pickles

When it came to preparing pickles, we had to choose between deep-frying or baking them, both of which were harmful.

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6) Jumbo pretzel

You can create soft pretzels at home without even need one of those rotating wire racks within a large glass cube!

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7) Lemon ice

They are freshly chilled, they last a while, and they are reasonably priced, especially when the merchants deliver them directly to your seat.

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8) Milkshake

If you believe that a milkshake does not belong on this list because it is a beverage and not a food, then you obviously do not enjoy your milkshakes extra thick.

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9) Nacho cheese

Creating nachos is as easy as topping tortilla chips with meat, vegetables, salsa, and molten cheese. To prepare stadium-style nachos, though, cheese sauce is required.

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10) Onion rings

What about some onion rings dipped in beer batter? You can make a complete basket of them at home and fry (or air fried!) them yourself.

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