Common Mistakes with Iowa Car Shipping

By: Sr vini

Regardless of whether you’ve had your car shipped several times before, each time you relent, the responsibility of your prized auto is stressful. Damage is always a possibility due to unexpected circumstances or driver error, depending on the company that you work with. 

As a rule, reliable, trustworthy Iowa car shipping services have few incidents of driver-related damage to vehicles. These companies will offer competitive rates with no hidden fees. They are transparent with the range of services provided and how these are priced. 

When faced with a scam or a service with the potential for overcharging, these can often be apparent when the agreement is reviewed with the carrier. A service that is more informative and willing to provide details is a transport company to consider. 

Let’s review the possible mistakes a car owner can make when signing for car shipping services. 

Common Mistakes Car Owners Make When Signing on for Car Transport 

Whether you’ve used car shipping in Iowa in the past or this is your first time, consider room for mistakes. Learn mistakes to avoid when moving a long distance:

While there are many legitimate auto transport businesses, some need to be more transparent, having hidden fees and overcharging for their services. Car owners don’t always pay attention to the agreement or ask questions. 

In that same vein, some car owners neglect to prepare their vehicle for transport or pack personal effects in the car, leaving it exposed to the potential for damage. It’s crucial to be vigilant with the protocol to ensure the auto is transferred efficiently and safely without incident.  

Let’s look at some common mistakes car owners can make when signing on for auto transport services. 

Car inspections missed 

A priority before taking the car for drop-off with the car shipping service is to have an inspection with a professional mechanic to document any preexisting damage and ensure the vehicle is in good operating condition.  

When an auto transport is scheduled in a hurry, and you’re left with little time to take the car for a check, you might skip this step or forget to do it. The inspection is critical before the vehicle is shipped. Otherwise, you’ll have no way to determine if new damage is incurred in transit. 

When there’s documentation and photos of the car before shipment, any new damage will be evident, and a claim can be filed with compensation to have this repaired.  

Neglecting to document damage 

Documenting the preexisting condition is critical to prove the possibility of newly received damage once the car is delivered.  

Fortunately, the shipping service provides a vehicle inspection report and will check the vehicle’s condition before transport, recording all existing dings, dents, paint chips, scratches, etc. You should confirm these details while performing. The problem is not all companies will do the inspection. 

That makes it much more important to have photos and documentation, a copy of which should be turned in when dropping off the car to be shipped. When the vehicle is delivered, the carrier should do another inspection, showing new damage compared to the original. 

You should compare your documentation at that time also if you did it. This way, a claim can be filed for damage incurred during transit. 

Personal effects in the car 

Car owners tend to pack personal effects in the vehicle to be shipped with the car, either forgetting to remove everything out of the auto or hoping to help with the moving process. These items could easily be damaged while the car shifts when the trailer goes over rough road conditions. 

Carrier insurance doesn’t cover these items, nor can you file a personal claim with your provider if the items are lost in transit. It’s recommended to take everything out of the car before it’s transported, anything loose, everything from the trunk and glove box.  

Selecting the wrong auto transport 

Some transport companies will offer meager prices or provide superior client support to gain customers. Things drastically change once the client is secured, with the customer often finding the contract different from what was agreed upon.  

It’s essential to research thoroughly before committing to a car shipping service to be able to separate the professional, reliable companies from the lower-quality options. Open for details on choosing a car shipping service. 

Many of these businesses are not credentialed. Doing a background check is wise, particularly since they’ll assume responsibility for your valuable asset.  

Researching and consulting with the shipping service directly to gauge transparency when trying to learn their hauling practices, pricing guidelines, and timeliness for delivery will allow better decision-making.  

A reputable auto transport company in Iowa will remind customers of their responsibilities, so there’s minimal opportunity to forget the pre-shipment inspection or unloading of the vehicle. 

These companies guide the process to ensure you experience an efficient, thorough approach and that the car is delivered promptly.