20 Stylish Short Hairstyles From The ’60s That Still Rock

By: surbhi

The 1960s were a revolutionary time in many ways, not least of which was fashion and beauty. Hairstyles, in particular, took a dramatically creative turn, with short styles stealing the limelight.

This decade brought us icons like Twiggy, Jackie Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn, all renowned for their trendsetting shortcuts.

In this blog post, we’ll look at 20 stylish short hairstyles from the ’60s that continue to captivate and inspire us today.

The Pillbox Bob

Made famous by Jackie Kennedy, the Pillbox Bob features a rounded cut with no visible parting and a teased crown for added volume. Its timeless and elegant design makes it suitable for formal occasions, giving you an air of sophistication.

The Pixie Cut

Twiggy brought the Pixie Cut into the limelight, characterized by its short length, straight-across bangs, and textured layers.

This hairstyle still rocks today as a symbol of freedom and rebellion, making it perfect for the modern, independent woman.

The Asymmetrical Bob

Vidal Sassoon revolutionized short hair with the Asymmetrical Bob. Featuring shorter lengths at the back and longer fronts, along with clean, geometric lines, this bold cut continues to be a strong fashion statement while maintaining a touch of classic beauty.

The Shag Cut

Goldie Hawn popularized the Shag Cut, characterized by its multi-layered, tousled look with a soft fringe. The shag is incredibly versatile and works well with various hair textures, making it an evergreen choice for many.

The Beehive

Audrey Hepburn made the Beehive iconic with its high volume, teased at the crown, and secured with pins and hairspray.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that makes you stand out in a crowd, the Beehive’s eye-catching elevation is your go-to.

The Flipped Bob

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Thanks to Mary Tyler Moore, the Flipped Bob became a sensation. This style features slightly curled ends, feathered layers, and side-swept bangs.

Its easy upkeep and retro charm make it a go-to for those who appreciate vintage and contemporary styles.

The Pageboy

Bettie Page made the Pageboy hairstyle a hit with its rounded edges, smooth texture, and straight fringe. This low-maintenance cut is perfect for those who seek simplicity and elegance, as it beautifully highlights the wearer’s features.

The Mod Cut

The Mod Cut, made famous by models of the Mod era, is characterized by its angular lines, sharp fringe, and defined sections.

This is the cut for you if you want to express your edginess and individuality.

The French Bob

French New Wave actresses were the muses behind the French Bob, a chin-length hairstyle with a natural wave and soft bangs.

This relaxed and romantic look offers an effortless style that continues to be celebrated today.

The Afro

Angela Davis popularized the Afro, a hairstyle that embraces natural curls, full-bodied volume, and a rounded shape. More than just a hairstyle, the Afro is a powerful symbol of cultural pride and political statement.

The Bowl Cut

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Made famous by Paul McCartney and The Beatles, the Bowl Cut has a rounded silhouette and equal length. This androgynous style has returned in recent years, appealing to those who gravitate toward gender-neutral aesthetics.

The Cropped Cut

Popularized by Mia Farrow, the Cropped Cut is a minimalist yet elegant style. With its straightforward lines and understated beauty, this haircut is perfect for those who prefer simplicity and sophistication.

The Mop Top

Another Beatles classic, the Mop Top features longer bangs and a fuzzy appearance. It’s an ode to the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and continues to have a youthful appeal.

The Chignon

Bridget Bardot showcased the versatility of short hair with the Chignon. This updo is classic and romantic, ideal for special occasions and formal events.

The Blunt Bob

First appearing in the late ’60s, the Blunt Bob has become a modern staple. Featuring a single length with no layering, this cut is known for its sleek, streamlined appearance.

The Baby Bangs

Baby bangs were popular in the ’60s, offering a playful yet edgy look. These short bangs draw attention to the eyes and work well with various short hairstyles.

The Bubble Flip

Doris Day popularized the Bubble Flip, a voluminous, curled-under style that screams femininity and charm. The flip at the ends adds a playful touch, making it a timeless choice.

The Poodle Cut

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Elizabeth Taylor made the Poodle Cut famous, featuring tight curls and lots of volume. This playful style is great for curly-haired individuals looking to make a statement.

The Italian Cut

Sophia Loren was the face behind the Italian Cut, a style that incorporates voluminous curls and a rounded shape. This cut is about glamour and works best with thick, wavy hair.

The Ducktail

Elvis Presley wasn’t the only one sporting this style; many women in the ’60s adopted the Ducktail. This cut features slicked-back sides meeting in a ridge at the back, offering a rebellious look that continues to intrigue.

These 20 short hairstyles from the ’60s are not just blasts from the past; they are enduring styles that continue to resonate in modern times.

Whether considering a chic pixie cut or the rebellious shag, remember that the best hairstyle makes you feel like the best version of yourself. So take inspiration from these iconic ’60s styles and rock that timeless look today!