How to start your NFT journey with RAM NFT

By: Sr vini

NFT is one of the biggest innovations in the blockchain space. It has emerged from its earlier reputation as a product for a niche audience to become a mainstream form of digital asset. It has brought billions of dollars to various investors and other players in the space, and its valuation and volume have increased so much that 2021 has been dubbed “The Year of the NFT.”

However, the growth of NFT has made it hard for those who have not been in the market to get in. Even with the different marketplaces and other channels that one can use to participate in the NFT market.

Many factors are responsible for this, and they include the huge amount of projects that are available and coming up daily and the higher chance that one could get lost in all these projects and get defrauded or lose money. Therefore, many new investors are inhibited from taking action by these limitations. 

RAM NFT Membership solves this issue for both newbies in the market and seasoned investors by giving every person a chance to mint verified NFT projects. 

If you are new to the NFT space or want to learn how to navigate the industry’s issues, this is for you.

What is a NFT?

NFT is so ubiquitous today that defining what NFT is may seem counterintuitive, but we must start here. NFT means Non-Fungible Tokens, and they are digital assets (tokens) that may or may not represent real-world items, and the data stored on a blockchain cannot be interchanged. 

Every piece of NFT is different from the next piece, even when they are part of the same project or run on the same blockchain. This is what is meant by the non-fungible part of the name. This can be seen in the uniqueness of each version of NFT from a project from other NFTs from that project.

NFT can have utility or have no utility. Those with no utility are bought for aesthetics or to serve as a form of investment. On the other hand, those with utility can serve many uses, including both digital and physical. Read more about what utility means for NFTs!

One of the most important NFT projects with a digital utility is the RiseAngle Membership (RAM) NFT.

What is RAM NFT?

RAM NFT is a project by RiseAngle, which is in its second generation now. It is a membership NFT in that it offers its holders a chance to get access to mint one NFT from a verified NFT project per month at no cost.

RiseAngle is a game developer that seeks to integrate gaming into the Metaverse by using AR/VR technology and immersive storytelling to bring a great gaming experience to the players. Read more about how metaverse relates to virtual reality!

Nevertheless, to add value to the NFT space, the company started a membership NFT, which allows the holders of the NFT to access premium and verified NFT Projects. 

The main value of this for the holder of RAM NFT is that it helps to sort through the whole bunch of the NFT projects to find the one that offers the best value to the holder. This makes it easy to invest as one does not need to jump from community to community to find collections to mint. It also reduces the chances of getting defrauded as one can get access to exclusive and verified projects and collections. 

Another value of RAM NFT is that it brings the holder into an exclusive community where other forms of benefits exist. The individual does not need to be in many communities to stay ahead of the curve. The community solves the discovery issue and does most of the work for the holder. The opportunity it offers is that professionals who may not have time to be fully involved in the NFT industry can take advantage of it.

How to join RAM NFT

Joining RAM NFT is so easy for everyone to join at different levels. There are a few ways that one could join the RAM NFT project at this point: the Whitelist or the Pre-buy option.

The first is to join the Whitelist, which offers the individual a chance to mint the RAM NFT at a very discounted rate. However, this option is only available to active community members and serves as a means of rewarding them for the activity around the project. With the launch of the future generations of the RAM NFT close by, any individual can join the community and participate actively to grow on the waitlist and get a discount.

If one is so busy that they can’t participate actively in the waitlist, then there is a second option of the pre-buy. The pre-buy allows the individual to pay in advance for the RAM NFT and then go away till the mint day; then, they can come back and mint their RAM NFT. This is targeted mostly at professionals who have money to invest in the NFT space without doing the work of finding projects or collections by themselves. Read more about how to buy NFTs

The third option is to wait and join the public sale or the minting day or buy the RAM NFT in an open market such as OpenSea. This is for those who are busy but may not have money to do the pre-buy now.

Another point to note is that, interestingly, one could still buy RAM Gen 1 and use it to mint from the same projects as RAM gen 2. These RAM Gen 1 are available in secondary markets such as OpenSea. In this way, the individual gets involved in the first generation of RAM NFT, which has been described as the best, due to its limited nation as there are only 400 pieces of RAM NFT available.

The best way to get more information on RAM NFT is to join the community on Discord, follow the project on Twitter and check out the website from time to time.


The growth of the NFT industry has produced many projects, making it a bit hard for newbies to discover new projects on their own. Most people have to join different communities to find projects to join. With the great increase in scams and many failed projects, one has to be extremely sure about each project they are putting money on.

RAM NFT solves this problem for investors in the market by offering them a chance to use their RAM NFT membership access to mint other NFT collections for free. The project, which is in its second generation, has generated much interest. 

There are many ways that one could join the RAM NFT projects – whitelist, pre-buy, or wait till the mint day. Another way is to buy RAM NFT Gen 1 since it still gives access to the same collection as the Gen 2, and also that its lifespan has been expanded from 12 months to 18 months for the holders.

In all, join the RAM NFT project and get the key to unlocking other amazing NFT collections.