Is Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification Worth It?

By: Sr vini

Networking professionals looking to advance their skills and boost their career prospects for the various data center roles can do no wrong with the CCNP Data Center certification. This accreditation validates your knowledge of data center solutions, including such topics as routing and switching protocols, implementing overlay networks, as well as implementing security features. If you want to prove your expertise in data center administration, then read the paragraphs below to find out how to earn the certbolt and what benefits it entails.

Is the CCNP Data Center Certification for You?

The CCNP Data Center certification is primarily for you if you want to advance your career in the field of data center technologies. Network administrators, designers, and system engineers can earn the certbolt certification to boost their career prospects. There are no formal requirements that you need to meet for this accreditation. However, Cisco recommends that the applicants have three to five years of experience implementing data center solutions before enrolling in the certification program.

How to Earn the CCNP Data Center Certificate?

To earn the CCNP Data Center certification, the candidates need to take and pass two exams: one covering key data center technologies and one concentration test of your choice that enables you to customize your accreditation to a specific technical area.

The core exam, Implementing and certbolt  (350-601 DCCOR), helps you master the skills necessary to implement core data center technologies. The exam focuses on five main areas, including compute, network, network, storage, automation, and security. The assessment has a duration of 120 minutes and is delivered in the English language only. 

The concentration exam allows candidates to gain expertise in emerging and industry-specific domains. These include designing and troubleshooting Cisco data center infrastructures, implementing application-centric infrastructures, configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches, as well as implementing automation for Cisco Data Center Solutions. 

Each exam within the certbolt program brings you a Specialist accreditation recognizing your accomplishments along the way. 

The Cisco CCNP Data Center certification is valid for three years. Credential holders will have to pass another exam to recertify. Cisco requires certification renewals as they are crucial to keeping up with industry standards and emerging technologies.

Is the CCNP Data Centre Certification Worth It?

The CCNP Data Center certification is a highly valued qualification due to Cisco’s recognition as an industry leader producing innovative security, cloud, and networking technologies. The certification track equips you with the essential competency needed to become a Data Center Administrator. The certified professionals in the data center field earn about $81,087 per year, as stated on the Ziprecruiter website. Still, by developing your skills, you can earn more. Besides, it allows you to add data center automation skills to your current technical area. Holding the certbolt certification, you demonstrate to your employers and peers that you keep pace with the latest advancements in the fast-changing data center world which will open you up to broader career opportunities. 


The CCNP Data Center certification is one of the most well-regarded certificates in the IT industry. Whether you work with data centers directly or indirectly, this credential is the best possible way to learn about the tools and technologies related to them. Having your data center skills validated by a reputed certification provider like certbolt , you will have a chance to elevate your career to the heights. So, earning this Cisco designation is what you need to do this year to be successful in your professional life.