How does Amazon Home Services work?

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Amazon is known as the biggest E-commerce platform. It has grown into various segments. Now, it has taken over the home services segment too. Its Amazon Home Services allows you to call experts for various kinds of home services. And as a service provider, it is very beneficial, as you can get work easily and online. But, you may be thinking, how does Amazon Home Services work? 

To begin using Amazon Home Services, you must first download the Amazon Seller Services app to your phone. This software is free to download. Whether or not to accept a job alert for your service if you receive one is up to you. In order to begin working on the job, you must first click “in” and then “out” when the job is done.

Amazon only handles payments on Fridays, so you won’t get paid until the following Monday if you’ve already completed your work.

 Amazon Home Services is a beneficial platform for both service providers and customers. Let’s get to know more about the platform and how it works. 

What is Amazon Home Services?

Amazon home services are important services such as home repair services that Amazon offers, such as the installation of large television screens, Wi-Fi routers, and other fittings and amenities that you may lack the knowledge or time to install yourself.

Amazon is reducing the need for intermediaries and advertising. For example, if you are purchasing plumbing fixtures, Amazon will have the opportunity to schedule a plumber.

Services like air conditioning tune-ups, yard maintenance, and garbage disposal repair can also be searched for using the usual Amazon search bar.

Here is the list of Amazon Services:

  • Assembly
  • Business & Commercial
  • Computer & Electronics
  • House Cleaning
  • Home Theater
  • Home Improvement
  • Smart Home Services
  • Yard & Outdoors

How does Amazon Home Services work?

Amazon offers the option to acquire prepackaged services straight from the consumer. They can do so either by actively searching for services or by being up-sold when they acquire the proper products. For example, there is an option to purchase installation when someone buys a wall-mounting bracket for their television.

As a service provider, you need an Amazon services application on your phone. If you receive an alert in this respect, you have the option of accepting it. You must click in when you arrive at the task and click out after finishing.

Amazon then handles payments on Fridays, meaning you won’t get paid until the following Monday after providing services.

However, even if a customer disputes the transaction for whatever reason, you will still be compensated.

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How to work for Amazon Home Services?

If you are a service provider or a handyman, then Amazon Home services can be beneficial for you, as you can earn extra money from it. You can easily provide your services in your area. So if you want to set up an Amazon Home Services account, then follow these steps: 

1) Apply for Amazon Home Services

You must first submit an application known as the eligibility criteria before you can register your professional services on AHS and begin selling services on Amazon. General liability insurance and the required licensing for your trade are two things you’ll need to get started on Amazon.

Amazon then carries out a business background check to ensure that your company’s data is in order. If your application is approved, Amazon will email you an activation number and steps for creating your Amazon Home Service profile.

2) Creating Your Amazon Home Services Profile

After being approved as an Amazon Service Provider, you must establish your storefront, which is the profile page where clients can discover more about your business. You can include an introduction to your company, designate your service area by zip code, and gather customer evaluations, among other features.

3) Create & Set Your Service Packages

As a result of the most frequently encountered service requests, Amazon has developed prepackaged solutions for a number of different service categories. 

After registering as a seller, you can choose which services to offer, set your prices, and specify the zip codes in which you will operate. On, these bundles can be purchased at any time. You’ll be notified through email when your new order is ready for pickup.

4) Manage through Amazon Central

Through the Amazon Seller Central platform, you can schedule online services, configure automated customer conversations, manage your packages, prices, payments, etc.

5) Get Paid

You don’t have to worry about invoicing or collecting money from consumers when you sell services through Amazon Home Services because Amazon Payments takes care of that for you.

It’s as simple as that: Amazon transfers your profits to your bank account once you’ve finished your work. Whenever Amazon pays you, they subtract a percentage of your service price from Amazon’s profit margin.

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What are the Amazon Home Services Requirements?

To get started on Amazon Home Services as a service provider, you need to fulfill some requirements, which are:

  • All Amazon Home Services providers must carry General Liability insurance with a $1,000,000 US dollar limit per occurrence. When you register, you must provide your insurance information.
  • If you choose a trade profession, such as an electrician, you will be required to provide your information license before you can offer home repair services.
  • You will not be permitted to sell your services on Amazon if you fail to meet even one of the criteria mentioned above.

What is the Amazon Home Services Pricing?

There is pricing for Amazon Home Services that Amazon takes from the service provider. It is usually a cut from what a service provider charges. The pricing can be divided based on the type of service provided:

Prepackaged Services

The Prepackaged services like TV mounting, bed assembly, and move-in and out house cleaning services involve 20% charges on the amount lower than $1000. However, if the portion in services is more than $1000, then Amazon Home Services charges 15%. 

Recurring Services

The recurring services that are purchased on a subscription plan have to give a 15% charge on the service cost. This means that even if you are charging $1000, $100, or even $2000, you have to give a 15% cut to Amazon Home Services. 

In order to keep up with Amazon’s increasing demands, you’ll have to boost your rates accordingly. Amazon is not a place where you want to go broke.

What are the benefits of AHS to customers?

Customers consistently struggle to discover trustworthy service providers. Amazon is saving the customer time and effort by pre-vetting the services, hence providing convenience. Each business must undergo a background check, be licensed if necessary, and have a “strong track record” to be trustworthy and safe. 

In addition, customers may see the pricing of the task immediately, just as they would when purchasing any other product on Amazon. Customers no longer need to contact service providers and request quotes for their services. They may now compare pricing with a couple of clicks.

So Amazon Home Services has made the services convenient and easy for customers. Moreover, pricing is also genuine. 

What are the benefits of AHS to service providers or handymen? 

Here are the benefits that a handymen or service provider get when working with Amazon Home services:

  • As a handyman, you have the option to collaborate with Amazon, a reputable corporation. Not only is this beneficial for gaining visibility, but also for positioning your firm.
  • According to Amazon, one in eight Internet users visited their website over the past month! That’s a large quantity of traffic, which means you have tremendous potential exposure.
  • You are allowed to choose your own prices. Thus, this is really advantageous for you.
  • Amazon handles payment processing, so you can focus on your job without worrying about money.
  • Instead of needing to service your entire city, you can select highly targeted zip codes.

Are there any limitations with Amazon Home Services?

Yes, Amazon Home Services also has some limitations or cons along with many advantages. One of the big downsides is the possibility that your service request will be denied. No one will compensate you in such a scenario, and you may incur significant logistics losses.

Even if you are qualified, you may lose out on possibilities due to additional requirements, such as draconian criteria, that are a part of this procedure.

Bottom Line

Amazon Home Services is definitely beneficial for both the people who require home services and the ones who provide them. It has made it easy to get home services. So, now you even know how does Amazon Home Services work. Just visit the Amazon Home Services page and choose any service you want to get. That’s how easy it is. 

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