Can NFL players play fantasy football?

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Fantasy football is really popular and it is surely a billion-dollar industry. People love to make their own teams, choose their favorite players in fantasy football, and can win thousands. So, definitely, people can play fantasy football, as it is made for them but can NFL players play fantasy football? 

Technically, players are allowed to play fantasy football, but they can only win an amount not exceeding $250. Moreover, this rule not only applies to players but all other NFL staff, including coaches and executives. Actually, fantasy football by players or any NFL staff is considered a conflict of interests and is usually considered a legal form of gambling. 

Let’s get to know more about NFL players playing fantasy football. 

Can NFL players play fantasy football for money?

NFL players are allowed to play fantasy football and they can earn money from it but the earning limit is set to $250 only. So, this amount is not a big deal for NFL players as they already earn lakhs. 

Not only the NFL players but all other NFL staff cannot earn more than $250 from playing fantasy football. 

As per GAMBLING POLICY for NFL Personnel 2018, ‘’NFL Personnel may not (i) accept prizes with a value in excess of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250) in any season-long fantasy football game, (ii) participate in any “daily” or other similar short-duration fantasy football game that offers any prize (regardless of value), or (iii) participate in any fantasy football game (including daily, season-long, or any other game format) in a jurisdiction where such participation is prohibited by applicable law or regulation. These prohibitions are intended to avoid any appearance of impropriety which may result from participation in fantasy football games by individuals perceived to have an unfair advantage due to their preferential access to information.’’

Can NFL players have fantasy teams?

Yes, NFL players can have fantasy teams and they can play fantasy football, but they are not allowed to earn big amounts of money. They can only earn an amount not exceeding $250.

However, they can make their own teams and advertise for fantasy football too. But they cannot earn much through playing fantasy football. 

Moreover, even if they are allowed to earn more than $250, then still their earning amount will be more than the fantasy games’ earnings. So, players don’t play it for money but just for entertainment. 

Which NFL players play fantasy football?

Every year, the number of fantasy football players grows. Ken Bishop, a member of the Dallas Cowboys, was asked by Bleacher Report to estimate the percentage of NFL players who participate in fantasy football. “I think people play but don’t talk about it,” he said. 

Players who draft their own teams are increasing in number behind closed doors.

Geoff Schwartz of the New York Giants said he has played twice in his professional career, both times while on injured reserve. So surely, a big number of players play fantasy football as entertainment and not for the big prize, as they cannot earn more than $250. 

Can NFL players bet on games?

No NFL players are strictly prohibited from betting on NFL games. However, since the NFLPA’s inception, it has always been legal for players to bet on other sports, and this right is protected.

Those who work or play for the team are instructed to avoid any contact with anyone who has been identified as a known gambler. As an additional requirement, all personnel, including players, who have a gambling debt of more than $10,000 must notify the NFL Security Department immediately.

There is also a reminder to NFL employees and players to report any violations of the betting policy, including inappropriate approaches or solicitations from others.

Bottom Line

So now you know can NFL players play fantasy football or not. Surely, they can play fantasy football but cannot earn more than $250. Moreover, this rule applies to other NFL team staff too. 

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