Steps to Ensure You Are Making a Profit in Business

By: Sr vini

Irrespective of the business type, it is every business owner’s dream to achieve greater profit margins. However, in order for this to happen, well-planned financial management has to be carried out. 

No matter how big or small, any business without proper fund management is bound to fail despite potential business opportunities and high demand. 

To understand how a business is operating, and its profit margin, keeping an eye on the sales revenue and expenses incurred chart is necessary. There are many online software and sites like that help track and assess the most profitable fund management of a business. 

For keeping track of these, it is necessary to learn some terminologies about businesses. 

  • Gross profit is the profit earned through the production of goods and services. 
  • Operating profit represents gross profit minus expenses which can be sales. 
  • Net profit represents the bottom line profit after all expenses are cut. 

Listed below are some steps for ensuring a profit margin in your business. 

Use Separate Accounts for Business 

Many business owners use their personal credit cards to cover business expenses and deposit business revenue into personal accounts. 

At the initial time, this may not create any issues. However, in the longer run, there may arise complex calculation and tracking issues. The biggest error could be in the calculation of profit margins over a period of 6 months or annually. 

Tallying expenses could get trickier due to this. In order to solve this problem, one can make two accounts so one could get two individual statements. 

Maintain a Balance Sheet

To maintain a balance sheet, it is important to track sales and purchases. Also, the assets and liabilities need to be noted down. This balance sheet helps to show the difference between assets and liabilities. 

In other words, it is the amount left when you sell your assets and use that money to pay on debts. A balance sheet is a statement that shows you the mirror in business. These readings will help you set more realistic goals for the future.

Cutting the cost to Increase Revenue

Even the smallest increase in revenue or reduction in expense can increase the company’s profit. If a company can reduce costs by optimizing the supply chain personnel and facilities it can earn profits. 

However, this must be done without impacting the quality of products, which can result in a more profit margin for the business. But on the other hand, if we are cutting down on the quality of the product then the business will suffer a loss.

Circulate Profit in Business

Recirculation of the money that you earn back into the business is a profitable aspect. In this way, you invest more in the core products i.e. machinery and equipment that will help you earn more. 

Circulating the cash flow to make more money is the key to achieving your business goal in a short time. Thereby helping in the improvement of product quality and quantity with new machinery and technology. 

Make SMART goals

SMART stands for

Specific – In order to achieve higher profits, specific deadlines and preorders should be completed and responsibilities should be given specifically to individuals.

Measurable – The target profit which has been decided should be such that it can be measured and easy to track. 

Attainable – The goal of profit should be set realistically. For this, the focus should be kept on efforts during the time rather than just quantity. 

Relevant – Always focus on the bigger picture and the objective. The results will soon follow. Make sure you don’t lose your money over on something that makes sense in profit-making. 

Time-based – The goal should be made in accordance with the time which is required to complete that goal. Thus time is the key which will help build more profit if utilized correctly. 


Many software and sites are available which can help calculate the gross profit or net amount of profit a business is making. In today’s era, quality over quantity must be chosen. 

To ensure that the business is in profit, we must be aware of how to manage funds. The rise in the number of digital strategies for keeping a track of business margins is essential. Assessing where the funds are utilized also helps to know where they must be allotted for better profits.