How much does the Vice President make

Most of you may know who the current Vice-President of the United States is. It’s because she was the first woman to become Vice-President, and her name is Kamala Harris. The post of Vice-President is the second highest title in the United States and has many powers. But have you ever wondered how much does the Vice president make? 

The Salary of the Vice-President of the United States stood at $235,100 per year. Apart from this, the Vice-President also receives a $10,000 taxable expense allowance. The Salary has been frozen since 2014 under the Obama Administration. 

Let’s get to know more about the Salary and benefits of the Vice President and the reasons why it has not been raised since 2014. 

How much does the Vice President make?

Currently, in 2022, Vice President Kamala Harris makes $235,100 per year along with a $10,000 taxable expense allowance. FYI, the Salary of the President of the United States stands at $400,000 per year. 

Actually, the Salary of the Vice President has not been increased since 2014. Prior to 2014, Washington, D.C. lawmakers decided to freeze vice president pay rates for President Barack Obama’s second term in office.

Although House Republicans sought to boost the vice president’s Salary during the Trump administration, their plan was never passed by both chambers of Congress.

Nonetheless, when Vice President Kamala Harris was sworn into office on January 20, 2021, she broke barriers as one of the highest-paid women in the White House.

According to the most current Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, the VP’s compensation is about $182,000 higher than the “annual mean wage for a full-time wage or salary worker in the United States,” which is only $53,490 per year.

What are the other benefits that the Vice President gets?

Money is not everything that the Vice President gets; many other benefits come with the post of Vice President. The vice president’s post comes with a slew of unusual and luxury perks, including a $10,000 taxable spending account, complimentary accommodation and transportation, a private office, and a personal staff of over 80 employees.

Indeed, vice presidents enjoy the benefit of relocating to a 9,150-square-foot Victorian home just across the street from the White House after they are inaugurated. The VP receives limo service in addition to their new residence.

According to prior Vice Presidents, the status entitles anybody in that position to request transportation from Air Force Two at any time.

Moreover, former vice presidents get Secret Service security for a maximum of six months after they leave office, as opposed to the President, who receives protection for his whole life.

How much does the vice president make in retirement?

Actually, the Vice President does not get a fixed amount of pension after retirement. Vice Presidents, unlike past Presidents, do not earn an automatic pension. Rather, Vice Presidents are paid pensions based on their service in the United States House of Representatives or Senate. To be eligible for a pension, Vice Presidents must have served for at least two years.

For example, Joe Biden was Vice-President during Obama’s tenure. Joe Biden’s pension is based on his tenure as Senate President. As he was a member of the Civil Service Retirement System for 43 years, his pension can be around $248,670 per year.

According to Forbes, Biden got a $1 million government pension after he stepped down from office in 2016.

How much does the vice president make in 2022?

As the Salary of the United States Vice President has been frozen since the Salary of the Vice President in 2021 was $235,100 per year. Apart from this, the Vice President also received a $10,000 taxable expense allowance. 

If the provision of the holding pay rate of the Vice President gets lifted, the Salary of the Vice President can increase to $243,500. 

However, the Vice President makes a lot of money as compared to what an average American earns. For example, the average American earns $53,490, whereas the Vice President’s Salary is $235,100, which is more than four times that of the average American Salary. 

How much does the vice president make a month?

As the annual Salary of the Vice President is $235,100 per year, this makes the figure per month $19,592. This is surely a good amount of money, and along with this Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris is entitled to a $10,000 per year taxable expense allowance, residence in a 9,150-square-foot Victorian home, a private office, and a personal staff of over 80 employees.

Apart from this, the President also has access to Air Force two. Surely, Vice Presidents live a great life in their term, and even their chances of becoming President also increase. 

How much does the vice president make an hour?

The per-hour Salary of the Vice President of the United States stood at $113.02 if we take into account the 40 hours working in a week and 52 weeks work in a year. However, if we straight calculate based on the total number of hours in a year, it stood at $26.83 with 8760 hours. 

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