Where does MrBeast get his money?

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MrBeast, better known as Youtube Philanthropist, is an internet sensation that all of us know about. He is known for giving away money to people in his Youtube videos. With 33 million subscribers and over six billion views on his channel, he is among the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers. So, the one answer to where does Mr beast get his money is surely Youtube. 

The second source is brand deals. The more the brands want to work with MrBeast, the more money he earns and gives away in his videos. So, he has two main sources of income: AdSense income from Youtube and the second is Brand Deals. Let’s know more about Mr Beast’s earnings and net worth. 

Where does MrBeast get his money?

1) Youtube Channel

If you know about Youtube, you probably know that the more subscribers and views a channel earns, the more money it makes. So does the Mr Beast channel; he has a massive 33 million subscribers base and over six billion views on his channel. So, a major part of this earning comes from YouTube channels.

The celebrity spends the majority of his money either developing larger-than-life settings or spending a lot of money on challenges. However, his method is working well for him, as each of his video averages over 30-40 million views. 

So his earnings from youtube views or CPM are huge, and he makes good money from it. 

2) Sponsorships or Brand Deals

The second way through which he gets his money is through sponsorships or brand deals. He has regular sponsors like Honey, but he has also taken on one-time sponsorships in the past. A fee is paid to Mr Beast by the sponsor in exchange for MrBeast promoting the brand or product in his video to his viewers in the hopes that customers would make a purchase.

However, no information is available on the amount of money MrBeast earned from pushing the Honey browser plugin. However, given this level of popularity, the likelihood of anything less than a million is remote.

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3) Secondary Youtube Channel

MrBeast also has a number of additional YouTube channels, including MrBeast Shorts, Beast Reacts, MrBeast 2, MrBeast Gaming, and Beast Philanthropy.

All of the channels have millions of subscribers already. MrBeast developed these additional channels solely to financially support him so that he may continue to give on his first YouTube channel.

4) Merchandise & other businesses

A new trend among content providers is selling their own products, and MrBeast is in the same boat. His retail line includes a wide range of outfit options. His products range from casual clothes to gaming-themed themes. 

MrBeast operates his own Burger franchise throughout the United States of America. Additionally, he handed out $100 to each client who placed an order at the first site of his burger company. Now, his Burger franchise has expanded to over 300 locations and offers just a restricted menu.

So he earns good money from his burger chains and merchandise sale too. 

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5) Membership Clubs

MrBeast, like many Esports organizations such as Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Team Liquid, has its own membership club. These clubs provide members with access to unique content, behind-the-scenes bloopers, early notification of any news, and much more.

MrBeast’s membership club, where fans may access exclusive podcasts and videos, costs roughly $10 per person. So as per his big subscriber base, surely millions have joined his membership club. 

How much is Mr. Beast worth?

There is no exact number of how much wealth Mr. Beast has. The only exact answer can be given by Mr Beast himself. However, many platforms have tried to guess his net worth and given different figures. 

MrBeast’s yearly income, according to “Celebrity Net Worth,” is $25 million, while his monthly income is $3 million. MrBeast’s net worth is estimated by another website devoted to celebrity net worths to be as high as $16 million, while another feels it is closer to $8 million. Regardless of the variance in these figures, one thing is certain: he is a multimillionaire.

How much does mrbeast make per video?

There cannot be an exact figure for this question because every video performs differently and generates different income. But we can only take a guess. YouTube pays an average of $2 per thousand views. So on average, his videos receive roughly 20 million views. That gives us an estimated number of $40k per video. So, Mr Beast probably makes around or more than $40k per video.

But surely this number can be higher because it only includes income from Youtube and not from brand endorsements. 

How much money does mrbeast make a day?

Many sites have previously speculated that Donaldson might be making as much as $40,000 per day from his YouTube material alone, which equates to a stunning $15 million in YouTube payments every year. Some other platforms have guessed the figure to be $55,000 per day, and others reported it to be $30,000 per day. So, he surely makes a whole lot of money from Youtube every day. 

However, this per day earning actually includes views from various videos in a day. 

Is mrbeast real rich?

Yes, 100% he is really rich. In fact, he is definitely a multimillionaire. Of course, we don’t know the exact wealth he has, but according to all reporting sites, his income is in millions, and he even makes millions of dollars per year, even though he donates a big chunk out of it. 

According to some platforms, his net worth is $25 million; some report it to be $16 million. However, the exact number can only be given by Mr Beast himself. 

Why does mrbeast give away so much of his money?

Millions of cash have been handed out by Mr. Beast since he became popular in 2017. The Youtuber is able to give out significant sums of money without compromising his own wealth because of brand partnerships and video views. So, giving out so much money is part of his Youtube work. The more he gives away, the more he earns from Youtube and brand endorsements as his views increase. 

The homeless, Twitch streamers, members of his family and friends, and even his fans were among the recipients of his generous donations. In one instance, he went door-to-door in his community, handing out $1,000 to dozens of the city’s homeless residents.

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What does Mr Beast say about his donations?

In several videos across his channel, Donaldson says that the money he gives away enables him to continue his job as a Youtuber.

He receives millions of views with each donation he makes. These actions create a return on investment for him, from which he may benefit.

He claims that working on YouTube is quite lucrative. In one of his interviews, he mentioned, “My parents aren’t that rich … every dollar I’ve ever made came from YouTube, and YouTube just pays better than you think.”

How does Mr Beast rich even after giving away so much? 

MrBeast’s feel-good business approach is unique in a world where everyone wants a piece of the most successful YouTube channel. The fact that MrBeast is utilizing his platform to do good in the world makes businesses and advertising happy to collaborate with him. 

As a result, the more sponsors he has, the more he donates. And the more views his work receives, the more money he gets, and the more sponsorship offers he receives. So it’s a cash-and-creation loop that clearly works for him.

What is the ultimate goal of Mr Beast?

Mr Beast has an ultimate goal. He wants to grow big on Youtube and then wants to use that money to create shelters for homeless people and food banks. He wants to give away all the money for the good of people. He made a tweet about it. Have a look at it: 

Bottom Line

So this was all about Mr Beast earnings. We mentioned all the known ways from where does Mr Beast get his money. Mr Beast is surely doing good for people, and his unique approach helps him to reach his goal and even make good money. 

We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments. 

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