What to write in a thank you card for money

It’s always good to show your appreciation and gratitude towards someone who has sent you money as a gift or as a help to you. Whether you received money on your birthday, engagement, marriage, baby shower, graduation, donation or even for your loved one’s funeral, you should send them a thank you card for their support. But many times, we fall short of words while writing a thank you card. So, this article will show you what to write in a thank you card for money for various occasions. 

Generally, a thank you letter is handwritten to personally show gratitude and appreciation. Still, you can use email or any other form to send a thank you letter. 

Let’s have a look at what to write in a thank you card for money!

What to write in a thank you card for money?

If you have received money from your relative or known without any occasion and they just sent it to you, then you should write them a thank you card in this way:

  1. Just a quick note to express my gratitude for the check you gave. The extra effort you’ve put in hasn’t just improved my day, but the entire month. Thank you very much!
  1. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and you have my gratitude. I’m fortunate to have a buddy like you who cares about me, and “it’s the thought that counts,” as they say. Thank you very much!
  1. The money you provided was much appreciated. I intend to save the money for future college tuition. This gesture means so much to me, and I’m grateful for your continued support.
  1. Thank you very much for your amazing gift from the bottom of my heart. I am impressed. I will put the money to good use and will never forget about you. You never fail to make me smile

If they sponsored something:

  1. I’m still reeling from the fact that you supported my camping vacation. That was such a great present, and I am really grateful. I cannot express my gratitude enough for assisting me.

What to write in a thank you card for money graduation?

If you have received monetary gifts from your loved ones and friends on your graduation then you should thank them by writing thank you cards, with either of these messages: 

  1. A heartfelt thanks for the amazing graduation present! I appreciate your help, and I’m going to get a new laptop.
  1. I appreciate your encouragement as I embark on this new chapter of my life. To know that you are concerned means the world to me!
  1. I’m quite appreciative of the wonderful gift card you provided in celebration of my graduation. I’m looking to invest in a decent piece of luggage that I can use for an extended period of time, and this would be quite beneficial.
  1. It means a great deal to know you’re thinking about me and wishing me the best at this momentous occasion in my life. Your generosity is limitless, and I am in awe of your generosity and grateful for your support.
  1. I appreciate your thoughtful graduation present. You were not required to… nonetheless, I am grateful you did. For the time being, I’m holding it for a rainy day, but I’m confident I’ll put it to good use. I appreciate your generosity once again.

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What to write in a thank you card for Christmas money?

If you have received a Christmas money gift from your loved one for yourself or for your children, then you should thank them with one of these notes: 

  1. Your letters always make me happy. Your heartfelt Christmas cards are a must-have for every family. This Christmas was so much better because of the additional cash in the envelope. I appreciate the gesture of gratitude you’ve shown me with this gift. Merry Christmas from myself and my family.
  1. Thanks very much for the lovely Christmas card and generous monetary present to buy new clothing or shoes. That was extremely thoughtful of you to do for me. Thank you. Thank you very much! 
  1. We appreciate the money you provided to the kids for Christmas. I’ll give it to them on Christmas Eve. They will phone you on Christmas to wish you a Merry Christmas.
  1. With the money you provided, you enhanced our Christmas celebrations this year. This year, I will be able to purchase gifts for the kids and something beneficial for myself. Thanks, and may God bless you!
  1. During these difficult times, we much appreciate your financial assistance. Thank you very much! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

What to write in a thank you card for engagement money?

You’ve got engaged and your relatives and friends send you gift money to congratulate you. Now, it is your turn to send them a thank you card. You cannot just write ‘thank you for your wishes’ but had to write something more, like: 

  1. Just a quick note to thank you once again for the money you’ve provided us. Our engagement celebration is scheduled for July 25, so make sure you put the date in your calendar now. Once again, many thanks for the present.
  1. Thanks very much for the money you provided us as an engagement present. In the hopes that you had as much fun as we did, here are some photos from our reception. Everyone had a great time playing the party games. Once again, many thanks for your kind donation.

What to write in a thank you card for a wedding gift of money?

If you have an upcoming wedding or you are newlywed and one of your close ones has sent a monetary gift, then thank them with one of these notes: 

  1. My husband and I are grateful that you were able to attend our wedding. Thank you for your kind gift, which made our day even more memorable.
  1. Thank you so much for your gift card. It made wedding planning so much simpler! Thank you once more for the gift.
  1. We appreciate your wonderful wedding present. Couples, and we are no different, can always use a little assistance getting started on their new life together. Your concern means a great deal to us. Thank you again. 
  1. We appreciate your attendance at our wedding! We had a wonderful day and were overjoyed to have you there. We are so appreciative of your kind contribution that we are adding it to our honeymoon fund. We’d like to express our gratitude for joining us in celebrating our marriage.

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What to write in a thank you card for money for baby shower?

As your friends or relatives have given monetary gifts for the baby shower, you should definitely send them a thank you card. And you should mention more than just ‘thank you’ in the card like: 

  1. We really appreciate you coming to our baby shower and showing off your impressive baby pong talents. It was a blast. We’re very appreciative of your kind donation of funds, which we’ve put toward setting up a college savings account for our unborn child.
  1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful gift. Sincerely, with this money, we’re putting together a diaper fund for when our little one is born.
  1. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the great donation you made. We can’t wait to put it to good use and get a pram for Baby. To thank you in person, we can’t wait to take a cruise.
  1. I appreciate the kind gift card you sent. That money will go a long way toward completing Baby’s nursery, and we can hardly wait! Thank you for being a part of our daughter’s life!
  1. It was a wonderful surprise to hear that my coworkers had pooled their money to provide a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift for me. I still need to buy a beautiful changing table for the baby’s room, and this is more than enough money to pay the expense. Thank you all once again.

What to write in a thank you card for money for a funeral?

It is normal for people to provide monetary help at funerals. They do it to help the family of a deceased person and to ease the burden of expenses on last rites. So, to thank those people, it is necessary to write a thank you card and you can include these notes in your card: 

  1. We appreciate your kind gift in memory of Mr. Jackson. The world is a better place as a result of individuals like you.
  1. I cannot express my gratitude enough for your thoughtful gift following the death of my father. You contributed much to making this difficult day bearable.
  1. We appreciate your kind donation. We utilized it to defray the cost of the services. Your companionship, support, and extraordinary compassion have been a great blessing during this trying time. Our appreciation for you is limitless. Many thanks.
  1. We appreciate your thoughtful donation, which will help us get through the difficult moments following Dad’s death. Your aid has alleviated some of the pressure caused by the growing expenditures. Once again, many thanks.

What to write in a thank you card for money donation?

When someone makes a donation to a fundraiser, organization or some cause, then they should be thanked through a thank you card. The thank you card can be written in these ways: 

  1. We are grateful for your support of our cause. Your efforts to make a difference are much appreciated, and we thank you. We were capable of feeding 500 individuals thanks to your generosity.
  1. Your kind gift to XYZ Nonprofit has been greatly appreciated! Your dedication to the children in our neighborhood means a lot to us. This year, thanks to your support, we were able to provide after-school care for 300 children. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible! Thank you for your kind words.
  1. Your contributions throughout the years have had a significant impact on our ability to feed 500 people every day. It is only because of your continued generosity that we are able to carry out our goal.

What to write in a thank you letter for money received from boss?

If your boss has given you a monetary gift, then you should thank your boss through a thank you letter. If you don’t have words to write in letters except for official mail, then here are some examples: 

  1. It means a lot that you thought of me. I love being a part of your team. I’m excited for the next few months.
  1. Thank you for your sympathies and financial assistance. This has been one of the most difficult experiences I’ve ever had, but with individuals like you at my side, it hasn’t been all bad.
  1. I am really humbled to have received this bonus. I couldn’t have achieved the recent increase without your help. Thank you so much!
  1. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the increase in my salary. Both my family and I are quite grateful. Thank you for making some of our dreams come true. 

Bottom Line

These were all the different ways to write a thank you letter on various occasions. We hope now you definitely know what to write in a thank you card for money. Always try to send a handwritten letter to people. It will show more gratitude and thankfulness from your side. 

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