How to make money as a 12 year old?

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Kids nowadays are very intelligent, and they know the power of money. They know what money can buy them & even many want to earn money from a very young age. So if your 12-year-old kid wants to do something and earn some hard cash, then you should not stop them; instead, you should motivate them. But one query as a parent you may have is how to make money as a 12 year old? What things will make money for 12 years old? 

Actually, there are numerous ways through which even a 12-year-old can make good money, and all these ways are legit. It includes online gigs like youtube, social media influencers, online surveys, and then works like pet sitting, car washing, dog walking, helping senior people, opening lemonade shop, and many other works. 

So let’s have a look at all the ways of how to make money as a 12 years old? 

How to make money as a 12 year old?

Kids are born entrepreneurs because of their curiosity and readiness to take risks. So you should always motivate them to work instead of stopping the. Even you should help with their work if they find difficulty with anything. So for your 12 year old kid, here are various ways to make money: 

1) Doing household chores

The first place to start to make money as a kid is from home. Work with your 12-year-old to establish daily or weekly duties that he can effectively do. Establish a compensation scheme based on chores completed so he may earn some spending money.

For example, he can earn $1 per week for daily dishwasher unloading or $3 per week for maintaining his room neat. This money-making option is convenient for him since he can earn money from the comfort of his own home. Moreover, it will create a sense of cleanliness and better bonding with family. 

2) Tutoring other fellow students

Children who perform well in school can earn additional money by teaching other pupils.

Your children can assist other students in traditional school topics such as math and science or in alternative fields of study such as offering piano lessons or assisting a fellow student in improving their baseball skills.

This will help them earn money, plus their skills will get polished by teaching others. 

3) Provide Yard Services

One of the most common kid chores is mowing the lawn. Encourage your 12-year-old to knock on your neighbors’ doors to secure some yard labor.

Families that are strapped with time will gladly pay your adolescent to trim the lawn, blow leaves, shovel snow, bag yard garbage, or prune shrubs.

Assist him in creating flyers promoting his yard work services and establishing a fair price for the services he intends to give.

If you live in a region that gets snowy in the winter, your child can also earn money by shoveling snow off driveways and sidewalks.

4) Pet-Sitting

Pet-sitting may be a lucrative job opportunity for children and teens who have a soft spot for animals.

Adults and older children are the best fit for most pet-sitting jobs. As a result, many pet owners find themselves unable to offer their dogs the care and time they need. Pets that don’t require 24-hour care may just need to be fed and walked a few times each day.

So you can ask your kid to choose this work. Then, help him bag the job by asking neighbors for pet-sitting their pet. 

5) Cleaning Services

Do your kid love cleanliness, and does he keep his things neat and clean? Then providing cleaning services can be the right answer to how to make money as a 12 year old. They might start cleaning houses for extra money using their cleaning abilities. Allow your tween to clean for neighbors, friends, and family members in order to make extra money, but don’t force them. 

6) Car Washing

Many people just do not have the time to wash their automobiles on a regular basis. Many people would rather pay someone else to perform the dirty work since it takes so long and is so filthy. With the proper equipment, your child can become that person!

Like babysitting and mowing, your kid can advertise themself on social media, or you can go door to door and ask people to hire you (with an adult). If your child wants to be the center of attention, then buy some cleaning tools and products to help him do that. 

7) Help Senior People

Along with companionship, elders may require assistance with household activities such as loading or unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the floor, or cleaning the litter box. So, this can be a great way for your kid to earn money. 

Moreover, your child may get money by teaching older people how to use their smartphones, such as how to snap photos, make phone calls, and send text messages.

8) Starting a Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a staple of any kid’s entrepreneurial endeavor. Lemonade may be made for a very low price. For those times when your tween needs a little more cash, this is a terrific option.

Additionally, it teaches kids the ins and outs of company operations, which may be handy if they decide to start their own business in the future.

9) Cookie Business

If the child enjoys cooking and baking, starting a baked products business may be an excellent choice. They can bake tasty cookies, cakes, brownies, and other delights for friends and family. 

Moreover, they may also give handcrafted, made-to-order, personalized birthday cakes, party appetizers, tins of homemade Christmas cookies, and baskets of decorated eggs for Easter on-demand and earn high money. However, you may be required to assist them in such actions.

10) Sell your unwanted toys and clothes.

Children and teenagers can sell undesirable goods with the approval of their parents. The majority of the time, this will necessitate parental involvement and guidance. This is a terrific method for teenagers to get some extra money. 

If you find that you’re very adept at this, you can consider going door-to-door in your community, asking neighbors for their unwanted stuff, and then selling them at a garage sale.

11) Starting a Youtube Channel

YouTube has grown to such prominence over the last decade that many children fantasize about the day they will make it big on the platform. Your child can earn some additional money just by discussing topics about which he or she is enthusiastic. 

Whether your child-like toys, movies, or video games, they may simply join a niche group. Building a fan base takes time, but if they put in the work to make their own channel, they could make money from advertising and sponsorships in the long run.

12) Putting up the Holiday Decorations

Your 12-year-old may get some extra cash this Christmas season by helping neighbors put up their seasonal decorations.

There are several simple ways your preteen may help out over the holidays to earn some extra cash, from stringing Christmas lights to decorating the tree.

13) Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is an excellent option for youngsters who have a lot of spare time because it doesn’t need any special skills or knowledge. Swagbucks and MyPoints, for example, allow users as young as 13 to join. In exchange for answering questions and giving their thoughts on various topics, users can win cash, gift cards, or other benefits.

14) Teaching adults about using technology

Adults may find it difficult to use technological devices. A new iPhone, iPad, or computer might be overwhelming for some folks who can’t figure out how to use it.

 Your child will have no trouble explaining how to snap images, make phone calls, send messages, and perform similar tasks. This is an excellent way for your child to make money.

15) Selling handmade jewelry

This one may be designated for the ladies, but jewelry is and has been a popular item for thousands of years. There are a lot of things you can make necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and cuffs out of. Your kid can also make jewelry for your hair, belly rings, anklets, and toe rings with a lot of different materials. 

These materials and tools may be found at many hobby shops, and they’re reasonably priced. Items may be sold to friends, relatives, students, instructors, teams, and a whole host of other people.

What jobs can a 12 year old get?

There is a number of jobs that a 12-year-old can get and earn good money for themselves. Surely, they do not require much expertise, so a 12-year-old will easily do them and learn from them. Here are different jobs a 12 year old can do: 

  • Yard Worker: Your kid may get some extra money in the cooler months by raking leaves, covering shrubs, or shoveling snow.
  • BabySitting: For 12-year-olds, babysitting is a common work option. Many organizations, like the Red Cross, offer babysitter training for children between the ages of 11 and 15, in which they are taught CPR and first aid.
  • Dog Walker: Getting another’s dog or pet out for a walk is a great way for 12 year old to earn some good money.
  • House & Pet Sitter: While the owners are gone, a sitter’s duties often include visiting a neighbor’s house to feed and walk an animal. It is a suitable job for a 12-year-old kid. 
  • Tutor: If your child excels in a particular subject, he or she might be able to tutor other students and earn some extra cash.

Bottom Line

These were the 15 legit ways of how to make money as a 12 year old. Now, let your kid choose one from them and help him to do the work in the best manner. If it involves any equipment, then you should buy it for them. Moreover, if the work requires clients, ask your family and friends to take services; it will encourage the kid. 

We hope this article was helpful & informative. Leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments. 

Thank you for reading!